10 ways the Education sector is being revolutionized by Technology

10 ways the Education sector is being revolutionized by Technology
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10 ways the Education sector is being revolutionized by Technology


Just like me, you might be thinking how technology has changed the current education system.

If you have already seen your education, you already know that learning is not similar anymore.

Now, there is no need to stand in line for a book. All the materials are available online. Teachers-student interaction is changed, and much more.

With so many changes coming, it is a great time to list all the benefits of technology on education. ERP on Education has also been an interesting topic for the educators and the thinkers. With so many changes in both student and school administrator, the future of education looks bright.

Let's see some of the benefits of mobility and technology on education. The following points showcase on education is evolved over the past years.

Self-paced learning

Learning is a term that resonates with each student. But, not all students are the same. With the intervention of technology on education, many students can now learn at their own pace.

This is a substantial step for many students. Many students who could not study for some reason or another can also benefit from it. Self-paced learning means full access to videos, learning the material, and other support from mentors to students who help them to achieve their best learning possible.

24/7 access to school

Without technology, access to the school was limited. But, now it is completely changed. The idea of keeping in touch with assignments, teachers, and fellow student. All the student need is a device, a tablet, a laptop or a smart-phone to keep connected with an unlimited supply of information. In the end, the school stays with you and it is not the other way around.

Virtual School

With a focus on access to materials and school 24/7, the student can have a virtual school bag around him. This means that there is no need to buy expensive books or take care of other materials. The materials can be provided by the school or 3rd party websites to supplement the learning.


ERP for Education is having a good time. Schools are now adopting ERP solution. The good thing that comes with ERP for students are the gamification of the platform. Kids, generally are very attracted to gamification elements. They love ranks, levels, and badges. They can participate with the platform with enthusiasm and earn badges while doing so.

Learning through experience

With the increasing intrusion of technology in education, there are apps that give the student the visual experience they need for better understanding. Experiential learning is very useful for students and more augmented reality apps are flowing in. The only requirement is equipment and if the school manages virtual reality in school, it can easily boost the learning experience of the kids.

Own Learning Path

Schools generally have pre-defined learning path. This means that not all students are benefited from the course material. Even though this method is imposed widely, with technology, the student is free to choose any platform, material, and path, they want. The challenge in choosing their own learning path and absorbing the same concept from different books clearly is the best possible to enhance student learning.

Students ready for future

With each passing day, challenges in the workforce are increasing every single day. The kids of the future are being prepared for the inevitable future of more gadgets, technology and automation in the future. The current technology is making the students ready for the future.

Improve Teaching pedagogies

The ability to use technology can easily make teachers use different pedagogies, improving them in a long run. With improved pedagogies, students are benefited.

Rural students are benefited

Not all students have access to schools and other resources. The best way to provide them education is through distance learning using technology. With cheap smartphones or even laptops, students can learn from a distance and get assistance when needed.

Better learning methods

Learning methods have been improved or changed with the help of technology. Now students need to use tablets, laptops or smart phones for learning purpose. They can easily juggle between resources and can also take active notes using a different application. The possibilities are endless and that's why technology introduces better learning methods.

Wrapping Up

The intrusion of technology cannot be stopped anymore. More and more students and teachers are taking core interest in technology-induced learning.

Do you think that education is revolutionized by technology? Let us know using the comment section below.