Student Management

Educational Institutes core members are their students. Without the students, no educational institute can ever stand tall. Great students bring more value to the institute and that's why it is always a good approach to manage students through the student management system provided by the OpenEduCat platform.

Upload Vital Informations Through Forms

There are a lot of fields that can be filled or updated using the form provided in the student management system/module. The basic details such as Nationality, Blood Group, Bank Account number, religion, address and other forms of data can be stored within the database.

Student Login Provided

Students can also login within the system (provided their account is activated) and update basic information. All the information can be gathered and displayed in a single window making the experience much better and streamlined.

Collaborative Environment

With complete collaboration and security rights to edit the student information, transparency is maintained.

Collaborate With Backend officers

The backend officers can create appropriate invoices for the student for fees and other forms of dues that are needed to be fulfilled by the Student.

Power to Students

Student Management revolves around creating value management services across the whole educational institute, including students, faculty and backend officers.

Unique ID generation

The system also generates an appropriate unique ID for quick reference and uniqueness within the system such that no two students within the database or anyone other information that are duplicated make things complex. With unique ID, no such problems arise and the educational institute can rely on OpenEduCat to do the work.

Print Access Information

The student management system also has the option of print Student Id Card, Library Id Card, and Bonafide Certificate. The student management system is a complete solution for the educational institute and is an integral part of the OpenEduCat.

Student Dashboard

The student can access the system with a unique username and password. The student management system offers student dashboard, which offers a great outlook on the class timetable and assignment left.

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