Sybyl Ltd.

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Sybyl Ltd.
Kusi Lane off 3rd Parklands Avenue
    P.O. Box 12129-00100
+254719061500, +256312250400

According to lexicon, Gestalt implies a physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts. Gild means an association of people sharing the same interests.

Standing true to this is Gestalt Gild Ltd, where a pod of people with unique capabilities give solutions in the domain of Enterprise IT systems. Our business objective is to provide strategic implementation and operational solutions for enterprise clients, enabling them to seamlessly integrate the best-of-breed solutions for Enterprise Computing and Storage Systems, Business communication & Collaboration Solutions, Enterprise Security Systems and Data Centre Services.

We work as one unified team to bring together and implement end-to-end solutions applying world’s best technologies in partnership with renowned, reliable and proven manufacturers.