iHubCloud Pvt Ltd

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iHubCloud Pvt Ltd
7 Chelmsford Road, Belgravia
+263 8644 102348, +263 8644 102349

iHubCloud's main business revolves around Software Engineering and cloud solutions. The company is a subsifiary of ICT Warehouse, which has a big footprint in the Agriculture industry of Zimbabwe. iHubCloud was setup to spearhead the development of new software solutions as per customer specification or adapt existing solutions on the market to suit requirements for a project.

The company also provides ready-made software platforms that customers can use to solve their varying requirements. These solutions are generally referred to as Cloud Computing solutions or Software as a Service (SaaS).

iHubCloud is now a partner of OpenEduCat and also an Odoo Partner. With a lot of expertise and experience in software development and customisation, iHubCloud will off customisation of OpenEduCat apps and development of new OpenEduCat apps. All our current software solutions are being migrated onto the Odoo platform and our customers will now enjoy the power of a stable, dynamic and innovative business software platform with a global support.