Arkan IT &Telecommunication Solutions

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Arkan IT &Telecommunication Solutions
004 Second Floor Military Accounts Complex
    Gamal Abdel Nasser St
00218 61 3372655
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ArkanIT  Solutions’ has the expertise to successfully deliver custom solutions to address your specific business demands in a  timely manner. We offer a results-based approach to solving problems and maintain a strong commitment to quality through out every stage of the development process.

ArkanIT Solutions & Networks specializes in providing voice and video communication, internet via satellite, Access Control and Surveillance and monitoring systems and Software Systems.  We work in close collaboration with clients to deliver a solution that ensure harmony between quality, reliability and cost.

Working with ‘ArkanIT Solutions’ means benefiting from a proven approach that delivers both mission-critical business and technology solutions in short time periods. For us, success is met only when our clients achieve the desired business value.

Our company employees are specialized engineers and technicians in several areas including Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, VSAT and VoIP.  Our expertise in the area allows our thoroughly trained engineers and support team to provide the best possible service to all our customers. We are partners with some international providers in the telecommunication industry.