Our Vision

OpenEducat is one of the frontiers in the educational institutes ERP solution and the reason for its success in the educational solution area is the vision.

Our vision is to provide the best solution possible for the educational institutes including schools/colleges from the different parts of the world.

Since 2008, Tech Receptives are in the area of Open Source providing the industry the necessary software and platform to gain access to hidden promises of the market.

Our main focus is to bring benefit to all the OpenEduCat stakeholders. Other than that, we love building Open Source applications and bring the best in any specific industry.

OpenEduCat uses Odoo as a reference and that's why all the available Odoo modules work perfectly with the OpenEduCat.

Our main focus is to provide all necessary features and functionalities to the Educational institute and create an environment where productivity and enhanced workflow are the key elements.

Values of OpenEduCat

Creating value is not an easy task. It requires dedication and clear vision. Below are some of the key elements of our organization that makes us create value for the stakeholders connected with us.


Collaboration is one of the key aspects of our work. To solve problems that are related to society, collaboration is necessary. Our Engineers understands the basic requirement and collaborate to create world-class platforms/software.


The path to excellent is to imbue ourself with competitiveness -- not only externally but internally as well. With each passing endeavor, our excellence grows to new heights.


bring the most out of our engineers, we keep maximum transparency in our workflow. This keeps everyone happy and brings more productivity and understanding in the workplace.


Celebrating each small success can really improve the workplace environment. We recognize everyone's contribution and reward them necessarily.