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Educational Institutes are evolving each day and to really make a generalized tool or platform for all of them can be a tough task.

OpenEduCat offers tons of features that reflects on the major philosophy of the schools or colleges, but to really make OpenEduCat useful to the schools is to provide implementation requirement to the school.

The implementation procedure consists of two easy sub-process

Understanding the different requirements of the educational institute.

The expert team improvising and implementing the platform.

To make the whole process work efficiently with productivity, OpenEduCat utilizes the Rapid and Responsive Methodology, a modern methodology for development and implementation procedures. The different processes within the methodology are discussed below:


Gathering the Vital Requirements

Requirement gathering is the most important step of OpenEduCat Implementation. In this process, OpenEduCat expert team takes care of workflow, specifications, design interface and anything that directly or indirectly affects their main on-premises systems. After requirement gathering, verification is done before the team moves to the next step.


Assessing the current scenario with the resources and also the suitability of the process with organization key members and other major factors that directly or indirectly affect the project.

Data Transfer

Old Systems data needs to be exported into the new system and our team ensures that no data is lost and data integrity is maintained throughout the process.

Project Planning

Project Planning is important; allocating human resources in the right process and for how long is the key to success. There are other things that need to be researched and evaluated for ensuring the complete success of the project.

Solution Design

Without solving the core problems of the educational institute, there is no point in the implementation. To ensure that our solution solves the problem, and also improves on the older platforms is the key for future success and stability.

Business Modelling

Understanding the competition and improving on the available current technologies is a must. That's why our team builds a business model taking the competition, and current available resources and requirements to build a sustainable platform that solves the problem of educational institutes.

Setting Up Your OpenEduCat Platform

Understanding the key differences and implementing them is required in setting up OpenEduCat platform. The OpenEduCat platform is customized according to school's requirements and thus is full of features and functions that improve the workflow of the educational institute.


Further configuration is done to ensure that everything works as desired.

Installation and Training

With everything updated, the final installation is done. This signals the end-to-end implementation and ensures optimal workflow for the educational institute. We also train the staff so that maximum productivity is maintained throughout the process.

OpenEduCat Implementation Team

OpenEduCat Implementation Team

The team behind the whole process has years of experience in OpenEduCat platform and the core of OpenEduCat, Odoo. The team core knowledge is strong and the practical knowledge further refines their knowledge to meet any challenge during the implementation process.

The team also consists of specific experts and handles each sub-process of implementation carefully so that no problems happen and optimal experience is maintained during or after the implementation.

Even after implementation, customer service is maintained to solve any issues, bugs or maintenance. All of these with care and dedication.

With a world-class implementation team, you are ensured to have the best school platform installed on the premises. Contact us to make it happen!