Web Service Enabled

Web Services is an important part of the internet and organizations. No organization runs with a single centralized software or platform and generally have more than two platforms working in tandem. To make them work, data exchange is required and here comes the role of web services.

Web Services is the technique to transfer data between two different platforms. The data transfer or communication takes place using RESTful services or protocols that foresee the communication between two different platforms or systems or module. OpenEduCat comes with the web services enabled and is great for the educational organization in the long run.

Web Service Enabled

Communication is the Key

Communication is required for optimal performance of the diversified system implemented within or beyond the school/college premises. With web services enabled, the school can work efficiently across different platforms.

Ready for Future Upgrades

No system or platform is future proof, it requires constant upgrades or sideways installation of systems that work in tandem. In both the cases, OpenEduCat offers great flexibility, enabling the engineering team to take advantage of the underlying architecture.

Reliable and Transparent System

With web services, school/college can built a system that is reliable and transparent. Communication takes place without a hiccup and system downtimes are rare.

Automate Web Services

With clear and crisp implementation of web services into the OpenEduCat system, the platform can easily automate most of the web services features and functionalities.

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