Transportation Management

Wondering how to manage the transportation of students on the daily basis? Keeping all the routes, transportation and Vehicles can be a tough task for any educational institute. To overcome the problem, OpenEduCat has embedded the Transport management into the core of the application.

Transportation Management

Administrative Control

The admin can easily configure the different routes through which the students are picked up and dropped from school to home and vice-versa.

Route and Driver Control

Each route or vehicle is assigned to a driver, who is allocated to make the transportation successful. The routes and drives can be activated and deactivated according to their availability.


Dedicated Panel

To manage the transport, a complete dedicated panel has been made available within the OpenEduCat. From there, the admin can easily manage the different facets of the Transportation and add new vehicles and routes anytime.

Transportation Problem Solved

There can be many reasons for the transportation problems, the student goes through. One of the main reasons is the distance, which leads to less availability of the public transport and other causes as multiple transport points and the break journey.

Notification Across the System

The students are notified of any changes and no one gets misinformed in any way. The clarity of the information transmitted through the application is commendable and creates an ecosystem where everyone is benefiting.

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