Stock Management

Stock Management

Stock management is completely integrated within the OpenEduCat system. Stocks such as books, benches, equipment and other forms of student and campus related items are needed to be fulfilled by the educational institute on the regular basis.

To make sure that the school/college never runs out of necessary stock, the stock management system is implemented by OpenEduCat. The OpenEduCat stock management system ensures smooth delivery of the stock and also makes sure to alarm the system when a necessary stock is running out.

Traceable Stocks

The stock management makes educational institute focus on real issues rather than functions that can easily be automated. With proper stock, the students always get the facility, equipment, and creates a better study environment.


Automate Transactions Easily

The team can easily automate transactions and improve productivity within the system.

BarCode Scanner and Serial Number Tracking

Each stock is associated with barcode and the OpenEduCat system supports barcode scanner UI for tracking purposes. Serial Number Tracking is easy and can be done anytime from the database.

Unique Dashboard and Route Management

The dashboard provides an eagle's eye view on all the movements, giving the management an upper hand. They can take crucial decisions whenever requested. Manage routes for automating the delivery process. Automation improves productivity and reduces cost.

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