Secure Management

Security has always been an important parameter in today's world. Without security done right, tons of sensitive information can easily go in the wrong hands. OpenEduCat team understands the importance of the security and have provided secure protocols to the platform.

Secure Management

Open Source

There are considerations that come when OpenEduCat and security are discussed. One of the main reason of a secure system is its open source nature. Open Source platform is collaborated by hundreds and thousands of developers all across the world.

Collaborate With Backend officers

Open Source means more eyes on the source code. With bugs and security holes being fixed on daily purpose, there is less chance that anyone can find and exploit bugs within the application.

Supports On-Premises

The educational institute can implement the whole solution on-premises, buying machines and specialized personnel to run OpenEduCat successfully. With a closed-door operations, no one from outside can enter in the system and make any changes that can hamper the system's performance or leak important information.

Extensive Testing To Make Everything Secure

To make the system more secure, the OpenEduCat team test each module extensively before releasing it to the public or the educational institute. Also, the open source tag brings more trust in the system, making the school use it without worrying about anyone stealing their vital resources.

Right Use of Resources

OpenEduCat access module makes sure that each entity get access to their prescribed resources and not access resources from other entity. The correct usage of resource and distribution is one of the major features of the OpenEduCat.

Secure For Everyone

The system is build for faculties, students, parents and other stakeholders directly or indirectly connected within the application.

Secure System

With extensive customizability features and modularity, each module works within their specified premises and doesn't leak information to other module, until and unless changed by the engineering team.

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