Sales Management

Purchasing, renting and creating value for the organization requires a successful sales operations. With sales operation done right, the organization can truly manage their customers and assets better.

Sales Management

Great Companion To Sales Team

The sales module comes with all the necessary functionalities for proper functioning of the sales team. The sale team admin can easily add customers to the database and manage different aspects of the customers.

Supports Internal Note Systems(Also Supports Customers)

Internal note system is also available for the customers. The other tabs that are added to the customers are Sales & Purchases and Accounting. The admin can also send messages to the customers and also notify about new orders or down payments.

Sale Orders

With the help of the sales order, the admin can easily create orders to be fulfilled for the targeted customers. The sales order can be also printed and stored in other places. With the option to add items and automatic calculations, ordering becomes easy.

Quotations Are Embedded

Sales operations are not completely without Quotations. Quotations forms the base of sales and it is necessary to initiate the sales. With the complete functionality of quotation creation and distribution, the sales team can easily create successful sales attempt at the targeted customers.

Attachment Support

Attachments can also be added to the customers for carrying more information with them.

With customers, quotation, sales order, and products managed, the sales operations can work optimally without any problems.

Easily Add Assets to Database

To manage the sales operations better, the educational institute can also add products to the database. Adding products to the database is easy and intuitive and can be done by anyone. A product is created using basic information such as product name, price, type and other important information.

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