Result Management

With Assignment, Exams and other sets of testing students are perfectly handled by OpenEduCat. But taking exams is not the end as students need to know the results. OpenEduCat offers complete control over the result processing of the student through the result management module.

Result Management

Accumulated Result Calculation

The results can be generated with all the information that is present within the database. Faculties and administrator can easily generate results with the help of a simple form. With the changes reflected in the database, the students are notified about their results.

Create Results Instantly

Creating results is easy and the admins or faculty does it in a matter of minutes. With system generated results, the database contains all the results and anyone can easily access the results anytime including the students.

Calculate Total Marks and Percentage Easily

The mark sheet lines also contain the total marks and the total percentage obtained the exams. The faculty can manually enter results. The mark sheet line is composed of multiple result lines.

More Granular Result Lines

The mark sheet lines can be composed of one or more result lines. Result lines are more granular in nature and offer more information about a single

Mark Sheet Lines

The main focus of having two different result types is to provide a much better picture with the help of mark sheet lines, which is mostly awarded after the session ends and a new session begins or a student is promoted to the next higher class.

Different Types of Results

There are many ways the admin can generate the result. Currently, there are two type of results supported by the system, percentage wise and grade wise. Both are generated automatically based on type.

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