Reporting Management

Understanding different granular aspects of school or college by authorities requires reports that show a completely different story. The reports generated through Reporting module are necessary for finding the hidden pattern behind the huge infrastructure and accessing the performance of the students and faculties.

Reporting Management

Advanced Search

The Reporting section also provides advanced search. Advanced search is great of adding a condition and generating reports based on those conditions.

Event Analysis, Invoices and tons of other analysis

The Reporting module of the OpenEduCat consists of Events Analysis, Invoices Analysis, Entries Analysis, Treasury Analysis and Sales Receipts Analysis. Most of the functions that are available within the reporting sections are concerned with Accounting.

Create Seamlessly Powerful Reports

And that's why OpenEduCat made sure that they have all the functionalities to create reports that change the way the whole system is filtered and reported to the higher authorities or the personal under which the process is running.

Generate Different Reports

Similarly, Invoices analysis, treasury analysis, entries analysis and sales receipts analysis have their own way of generating reports, provided they cover different section of the schools ecosystem.

Great Dashboard To Work With

The Reporting section also consists of Dashboard section, which aggregates reports if the filters are set correctly.

Supports Better Report Views

Also, the reports that are generated can be viewed in different modes such as Table Mode (default mode), bar chart, line chart, pie chart. The report section is also capable of viewed into a heat map. Furthermore, the data can easily be imported and used in other analysis tools.

Reporting Management

Overall, the main function of reporting section is to generate reports that can be used by higher management to understand and decide the course of future actions.

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