Recruitment Management

With right recruitment, school/college can easily bring in the talented teachers and office workers for paving the right path to the future. The Recruitment process has always been a hard process for any organization.

School/College are not different. They need to recruit world-class teachers and back office workers for the educational institute. With OpenEducat, the whole recruitment process becomes easy.

Recruitment Management

Organize Vacancies and Job Application

With OpenEduCat, schools can organize vacancies and job application effectively. They can easily set up the job board and promote relevant jobs to get maximum attention. Furthermore, the job applications are easily managed with the system.

Integrated Surveys

To make the most out of the platform, surveys are important. Get to know how your school/college functions and improve other related process according to feedback. Surveys help you to achieve it without much problem.

Step Up the Hiring Process with strategies

Hiring process can be a complicated one. To overcome, the school can create strategies that matter and process it with great confidence. All of this can be done with he help of Kanban view.

Simplifying Application Management

To make the most of the platform, the HR can index resumes, search profiles and track applicants with proper search functionalities available within OpenEduCat.

Publish Job offers to other platforms

To get maximum visibility, job offers needs to be posted on other platforms. OpenEduCat offers automatic publish options to popular job boards such as Monster, LinkedIn, and StepStone.

Works with other modules out of the box

The whole system works with the synergy. To make the most out of the platform, the recruitment module is integrated with all other necessary modules such as employees, events, blogs etc.

Recruitment Management Feature

Recruitment process becomes easy and intuitive with OpenEduCat. Education institute can gather vital candidate information and can hire the best candidate possible.

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