Purchase Management

Any educational institute requires assets to run successfully. The assets can be anything related to studies of the student or the sports -- there needs to be a lot of purchasing that needs to be done on the regular basis. With On Draft invoice, On purchase orderliness and On Incoming shipments tabs, the management team can easily handle the shipments.

To manage the products, the purchase module supports products by category and also offers an eagle eye view on all the products available.

Purchase Management

Power to Administrator

The admin can easily create the purchase order, according to the current requirement of the school/college. With easy creation, handling and requests for quotation, the process can easily be handled by the procurement team.

Handle Purchases Easily

The regular need for items can be hard to manage and can easily astray the management. To manage the purchase aspect of any educational institute, OpenEduCat offers the purchase module, which feature the different functionalities for easy handling of the purchase management.

Supports The Basic Three Components

Any purchase consists of purchase orders, receipts and supplier invoices. To manage everything better, it is quite often the case that all the purchase aspects need to be connected.

Supplier Information Traceable

The module also takes care of all the suppliers associated with the educational institute. This enables them to have an overview of all the type of items they can procure when need.

Full Product Traceability

To mark the products in transit, the purchase module offers incoming products list. With the central view of all the incoming products, the management can track their delivery and update the system accordingly.

Supports Invoice

To make the picture more complete, the invoice control section takes care of all the invoice related activities.

Purchase Management Feature

The purchase module really improves the working of the purchase management and keeps everything structural.

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