Poll Management

Creating Polls is necessary for understanding the likes and dislikes of a big group. Educational Institutes are a collection of students, faculty members, parents and companies. Everyone is connected and a single decision can impact the outcome of many members of the educational institutes.

Poll Management

Manage Difference Easily Through Polls

The idea of having ripples across the educational institutes for taking a single step can be large and that's why it becomes necessary for the colleges/school to take the poll.

Bring Everyone Under One Umbrella

The polls are designed to understand the thinking of a large community, which may include students, parents, faculty members and others.

Collaborative Decision Taking

OpenEduCat understands the notion of collaborative decision taking and understanding the audience. With the core philosophy of transparency and communication, the platform provides all the functions to create and run successful polls.

Easily Accessible Through Survey Module

The polls can easily be created using the Survey module of the OpenEduCat. OpenEduCat survey model is versatile in nature and can embed multiple conditions for running a successful survey or poll.

Multiple Answers Supported

The poll can have multiple answers and can be improved in the long run. All the polls are categorized according to their states, i.e., drafted, processing or ended.

Analyze the Stored Information Easily

All the poll data is collected in the database, which can be analyzed by the management. The analytic team can decide to create reports from the polls and reveal vital data from a simple poll.

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