Placement Management

Education in the society is surrounded by the need for a job. Jobs fills the students’ dreams and enable them to lead a life with fulfillment and accomplishment. Colleges, on the other hand, plays an important role in the placement of the candidate ín reputed companies all across the nation and worldwide.

Placement Management

Placement Management Features

OpenEduCat understands the importance of managing placements and hence comes with Placement management features within the platform. The right person within the institutes can create new placements for the students on the fly.

The Role of Administrator

Once the campusing is over, the administrator can update the system accordingly and let the students know about the placement through the internal messaging system.

Share Achievements

The placement module also supports sharing capabilities. The offer can be shared and if the administrator wants to share the achievements with the online community can also generate embedded code within the application.

Job Cancellation Option

If there is no need for the job by the company or the students, the platform offers valid functions to reject the offer.Rejected offer messages are communicated with both the parties and the students or company can search new company or candidates respectively.

Creating New Placement Offers

Creating new placement offers is extremely easy. The placement offers can be created or imported from external sources.

When created within the platform, the process only requires Company Name(where the student is placed), student name, Joining date, offered package and training period. Once all the necessary information is embedded within the form, a successful offer can be created.

Power In the Hands of The Student

Once offered, the student can choose to join the company or reject it, according to his/her needs. The system is also flexible for adding additional information as attachments.

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