Payroll Management

Payroll Management

OpenEduCat is built keeping the different operations of school/college. To make everything work seamlessly, the employee module is developed from scratch, keeping the different functions that revolve around the employee section of the educational institute.

Supports Part Time Workers

The system can also engage part-time workers, freelancers and other forms of employment through the payroll system. Having a payroll system that works and creates transparency in the upper management.

Easily Accessible Through HR Module

The Payroll module is present within the Human Resource and can easily be handled by the HR of the school/college. The most basic operation available within the payroll module is the creation of Employee Payslips.

Record All Necessary Information

The payslips are created using vital information such as Employee name, period of operation, contract type, reference, payslip name, credit note, and others. Worked days can also be entered within the employee payslips. Other important rules are the salary rule and accounting information.

Period Management

Period selection is also available in PaySlip batches, which improves the working of batch processing. To make everything work seamlessly, the payslip module is connected with accounting and other necessary modules such as employees.

Batch Processing

To make payrolls work seamlessly, the OpenEduCat engineers has created payslips batches for faster execution of payslips to the working staff of the school/college.

Easy Generate Computation Option

With all the information entered, the salary of the employee can easily be calculated using the Compute Sheet option.

The payslip module really improves the way employees monthly salary payments are done.

Payroll Management Feature

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