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Payment Management

Payment Management

With daily business transactions, the educational institute requires a robust payment module. The payment module should accept invoices, process them and deliver them as fast as possible.

OpenEduCat offers Online Billing module and Purchase Management module for total control of the payment process. Online Billing takes care of invoice and track payments, whereas purchase management offers purchase orders, receipts and supplier invoices.

Analyze Sales and Cost

Analyzing key aspects of the sales and costs can improve how business in the long run.

Convert Invoice to Sendable Items

With just one click, you can send the invoice to the supplier and that too in PDF format!

Invoice processing faster

With multiple payment options available, the payments can be made faster. For example, the client can easily process the payment with the help of debtors.

Transfer Key Information to Banks

All the transactions are stored within the system and transferred to the banks appropriately. All the payments and invoices are stored for future use.

Invoicing Made Easy

Create professional invoices in no time. The invoices can be made available to other modules of the opened cat ecosystem.

With all the above features, the school/college can easily process payment to the beneficiary. With payments clear, the bond between the purchaser and the seller becomes strong and the future deals become much easier.

Also, the transactions are made easy with quick invoice billing and direct attachment with popular payment gateways really improves the way the educational institute can work with payment.

The educational institute can also analyze all the sales and cost and make necessary changes to the payment module for better profit analysis in the future. The college or school can also integrate new policies to manage the payment better and hence improve their profit.

Payment Management Feature