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Parent Login Management

Parent Login Management

Educational Institutes are more focused on students nowadays and that's quite natural for them. Students are the core of their institute and all the services and processes revolve around them in the end. But, the new generation parents are more focused on their child study than the students themselves.

Separate Account For Parents

With Parents login in place, each parent is given one account to work with. With the account in place, the parent can easily login within the system and provide valuable feedback to the system

Infrastructure For Everyone

It also provides the backbone for the educational institutes to harness the technological advancement and improve their management and other vital processes under one hood.

Parent Oriented Approach

The fascinating collaboration is only possible because of the idea with which the OpenEduCat team approached. Students are of course important, but now parents play a vital role in the studies of their student. Keeping a tab on their student school activities, assessment results and overall performance, all from the OpenEduCat platform.

Collobration Using Technology

The main philosophy behind this thinking is the more collaboration under appropriate environment. Using the current technology to revolutionize the next generation of students and their parents is the main goal of OpenEduCat.

Interactivity with Faculty

The parents can interact with the faculty by fixing an appointment within the system.

With a parent login, the ecosystem becomes more transparent and all stockholders of the educational institute can interact with each other in the right manner. Conclusion

This led the development team of OpenEduCat to solve the problem of engagement of parents with the platform that aims to make educational institute internal processing structured and central in nature. With the goal in mind, the OpenEduCat team created a parent login module for the platform. This lead to many benefits and positive response from the parents of the children.

Parent Login Management Feature