Open Source

OpenSource is one of the revolutionary ideas of the future and to make sure that OpenEduCat flourishes in the future, TechReceptives decided to make the OpenEduCat opensource. TechReceptives and OpenEduCat teams always believed in OpenSource philosophy and everything that is developed by them tends to be open source.

There are many benefits of OpenSource. Many of them are obvious, but does that make the life of an educational institute easy?

Open Source

Completely Free

The OpenSource software is free to gather and use. There is no need to pay for the software. But, if you are seeking services for maintenance then you might have to pay the team for any installation or maintenance charges.

Redistribute The Modified Code

Educational Institutes can easily modify the code. Another great thing about OpenSource is that they can distribute the modified code to others who might need it.

Reliability and Stability

OpenSource platforms such as OpenEduCat tends to be more reliable and stable compared to proprietary software. The main reason behind a reliable software is the community and constant bug fixes that improve on the real horizon than anything else. The systems are stable and don't crash.

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