On Cloud On Premise

Technically, OpenEduCat is one of the best adaptive and powerful platform. Many hours of intense work has gone behind making the whole system on premises and as well as On-Cloud.

On Cloud On Premise

Full Control of the Platform

Current generation educational institutes require full control over OpenEduCat and there comes the role of on-premises implementation. On-premises implementation offers installing the OpenEduCat platform within the school premises, enabling them to control every facet of the platform.

Extremely Secure

With high security at a place, the educational institute can easily modify the different sections of the workflow. They can also work in collaboration with OpenEduCat engineers to make different changes to the system.

Option to move to the Cloud

If any educational institute thinks that they do not want to buy all the machines and hire administrator to run the system -- they can always choose to implement the whole solution to the cloud.

Why On Cloud Implementation?

With the support for cloud implementation, the organization resources are served by the cloud service at a small price. There is a tradeoff between these two implementations and the school should choose accordingly. The main focus of the providing both on cloud and the on-premises facility is to enable the educational institute to choose between both of them.

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