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News Management

News Management

The Big Educational Institute has to cope with new news on the daily basis. The news can be related to the educational sphere, marketing, campusing, seminar, new teacher enrollment, students achievements, board results and much more.

Sharing Through News Portal

With so much to share, the OpenEduCat platform offers facilities to share news through the news portal. Having a news portal for the educational institute is a must these days as they are evolving more as an identity than anything else.

Engage Your Audience

To keep the engagement on the right path, the educational institute can utilize the news portal to send messages to everyone related with the institute. A constant flow of information can actually help the institute grab new followers and parents in the process.

OverCome the Competition

Opening a school or college, nowadays is a competitive task. To overcome the competition, effective usage of news portal is necessary. The OpenEduCat platform offers news publishing from the blog module.

Easy Creation Process

The administrator can easily create a blog post(in news format) and publish it on their website. They can create a new section or page for the news related articles and publish news on the daily basis.

Track Users On the News Portal

Furthermore, they can track the visitors on the website for understand the audience and curate the news according to them. Parents, on the other hand, can easily follow the news portal for any news that affects them directly or indirectly.

The inclusion of news portal undoubtedly makes OpenEduCat a much favorable solution for educational institutes. It contains tons of features that go well with other plugins, creating an environment that works for the educational institutes.