Multi lingual

We live in a diverse world -- the world with different people from a different place, speaking different languages. With so many people speaking different languages and prefer their mother tongue. Developing tools and platforms for the current generation requires complete understanding of the audience that is going to use it.

Multi lingual

Reach Different Parts of the Web

With OpenEduCat, educational institutes can easily target different audience through its multilingual capabilities. Current schools and colleges may want to address students from different part of the world.

Expand School Through diversified Landscapes

With true capabilities of understanding their students and providing the system in their own languages can benefit the school reputation among their students and also in the society.

Reach People Without any Discrimination

No school should discriminate students according to creed, religion and language spoken. With a complete understanding of their student base, they can elevate equality among the community.

Open Source and Powerful

OpenEduCat is open source in nature and that means that the educational institute can easily import new languages to the system with the help of the OpenEduCat engineer.

Supports more than 100 languages

Also, OpenEduCat offers the multilingual feature for everyone that transcends both the cultural value and functional value. With OpenEduCat, any educational institute can change the translation anytime they want. The platform supports more than 100 languages at the same time and with support for more languages in the near future, the platform can really make the whole world come together.

Great Support System

We are always available to support the system and enable to use the power of the most comprehensive educational ERP software available online -- the OpenEduCat.

Multi lingual Support

Language has always been a barrier between different communities in the past. With the support of Multilingual, educational institutes can employ best practices to communicate with students, faculty members and other forms of stakeholders by choosing the appropriate mother tongue for them.

If there is a lot if diversity on the premises, they can always choose a global language, i.e., English.

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