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Multi Organization Support

Multi Organization Support

Nowadays, there are networks for school organization. Prime example would be institutes that render their services in different areas of India or other parts of the world. The network enables them to serve more students and also improve their presence across the world.

Connect With Other Organization

And the biggest problem that the networks of school under one control faces is the connectivity and communication on the large scale. They also have no way to manage the resources scattered on their premises.


The Center of All Transactions -- All of these can now be done through the OpenEducat platform, an excellent choice for an educational institute to control the different aspects of their work.

Web Interface For Portability

With OpenEduCat, the educational institute can organize and control multi-organization within a single platform. This is possible because of the cloud support. The OpenEduCat platform also supports web interface that scales amazingly with the increased number of users to the system.

Easy to Use and Works Great With Local Settings

The system also enables the user to easily use the system as it is user-friendly. With the support of multi-lingual, a different organization can use their local language and implement the local settings accordingly.

Implement Multi-Organization The Right Way

Overall, the system is an amazing choice for the educational institute for implementing a multi-organization system.

The current business world is exploding and the educational institutes are not leaving themselves behind. With a bigger control, they can pursue better business goals and also enable students to learn from different parts of the world.

With OpenEduCat, Mutli-currency, multi-language support, every aspect of the educational institute can be controlled and worked upon. This improves the choices and workflow across different geographical aspects.

Multi Organization Support Openeducat