Multi Currency

Working in the current world requires organization, business and other forms of institutes to take care of the different audience. The audience can carry different voice, payment systems, and currency. OpenEduCat understands the need for educational institutes for creating a valuable platform that works with different facets of the society.

Multi Currency

Lots of Customization

Decimal precision and other settings can also be changed within the platform. To address different audience, the system already supported multi-organization and multi-language and with the help of the multi-currency, the educational institute can really go beyond their local environment and lure new students and other associated organization to work with them.

Do Successful Transactions

With the multi-currency feature, the educational institutes can easily carry transactions for different currencies. The currencies are easily converted to the main currency of the organization. The conversion is 100% accurate and improves the workflow of the accounts department.

Choose Default Currency

The organization can easily set the default currency in which all the transactions are made. The rate of the currency is automatically updated.

Supports Multi Currency From The Core

To make sure that the payment system works for different organization institute and different audience in a single institute, OpenEduCat offers the multi-currency feature.

Add Your Own Currencies

The platform comes with most popular currencies, but the educational institute can easily go forward and add new currencies to the system. The system is highly configurable and this make the workflow of the educational institute easy and productive.

Rounding Factor For more precision

To make sure that every transaction is done accurately, the rounding factor can be set manually with computational accuracy. The display symbols and position can also be setup, according to the preference of the company.

Multi Currency Support

The whole platform is made to make sure that no limitation can adhere its growth. That's why OpenEduCat can really help the educational institute to penetrate markets or locations beyond their direct control.

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