Mobile Application Management

With the increased use of Smartphone or mobile devices in the daily lives of everyone surrounding us, it becomes necessary for current generation applications to become mobile as well. And, for this sole reason, OpenEduCat offers Mobile Application for mobile accessibility by the students, faculty members, stockholders and other important persons that are related to the educational institute.

Mobile Application Management

Web UI And Modularity

With modularity and Web UI in place, it becomes easy for Tech Receptives for creating a mobile application that works and create a sense of connection between the different members of the educational institutes that are connected directly or indirectly.


They can easily communicate each other through the messaging system and if there is any changes in the class or assignment schedule, they get notified without any delays.


With transparency and communication at the top of the radar of the OpenEduCat mobile application, it is quite natural for everyone to enjoy the system rather than discard it because of difficulties and the usability factor.

Configured for Low-End Devices

With easy to use interface, small app size, less bandwidth consumption, the mobile application can easily run on low-end mobiles and for students who cannot take high bandwidth connections, provides a low bandwidth communication with the server.

Cloud Ready

The Cloud based approach really picks the whole application, providing information to the user anywhere in the world. With so much to offer and curate, it is necessary for the faculty members use the mobile application to their advantage.

Next Generation Mobile Experience

The next generation of users are more focused on mobile experience and it is quite natural for students and faculty members to embrace the mobile application.

Mobile Application

Educational Institute should embrace the mobile revolution and take advantage of the OpenEduCat Mobile application that is free to use and download.

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