Library Management

The library is the home of immense knowledge. It is the house of cards that everyone should read -- with each card in itself opening a new door to an unknown universe. Every educational institute needs a library management system. Without the library management system, it is always tough for institutes to manual the library process and that's why OpenEduCat offers a great library management system, a complete module to keep track of everything.

Library Management

Library Management Done Right

The library management system offers the basic functionality for all the different members of the educational institutes. The librarian stays in charge of the whole process and can facilitate higher level execution of issuing, cancelling and adding books to the database.

Sleek and Intuitive Dashboard

The library management system comes with a sleek and intuitive dashboard that helps the librarian to keep track of all the changes that are taking place in the institute. The dashboard also keeps track on the due book of today, the due book of the month and other aspects of the library management system.

Students First, Book Request, Tracking and More

Users can also use the library management system. Students, for example, can ask for book requests and can get a book issued as soon as possible. The books are tracked with the help of barcode based library cards.

Process Books for Students With One-Click

The librarian can also process book requests from other members of the educational institute such as faculty members and students.

Book Record For Easy Access

The library record is divided by Book, publisher and author. With the help of the filters, it becomes easy for the librarian to manage the library and create a new request for procurement or a process book request.

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