Campus Management

Colleges and other educational institutes are becoming more self-sufficient and the home for many students who travel to distant places to complete their academics. In the current era, education has become tougher to take as the good colleges or schools are far away from the student's home town. For this reason, students have to travel for a long distance to attend the colleges or school.

Hostel Management

Add Assets with full traceability

On top of the Campus rooms, the admin can add new assets to the database, completely tracking the different assets and their numbers. Unique ID is associated with the each asset and it just takes a few seconds for the admin to lookup in the database. With so much control and management options, the back end management can easily configure the different aspects of the Campus.

Simple, Transparent and Centered Management

With simple interface, transparency and centered management, both students and the admin are benefitted. The TechReceptives' OpenEduCat solution makes the life of students and the management better.

Student Allocation Notification

The student that has been allocated for the hotel is communicated through the system. With the exact information, they can easily know about the hostel and the allocated assets they have been allocated.

Highly Configurable

The idea of the hostel came from the exact solution of solving students' problems who have to travel long distances to attend their daily classes. With the inclusion of Campus management in OpenEduCat, educational institutes can easily configure and maintain a different process of the hostel with utmost confidence and value.

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