Google Apps Ready

Google Apps are around us. They are now becoming an integral part of any productive person. We edit, delete or even send documents through google apps. We listen to music, search anything and do tons of other amazing things through the Google Apps.

OpenEduCat understands the importance of Google Apps in the work and has made OpenEduCat, Google App Ready. This means that the workers can easily share content over the google services and can easily use them from the OpenEduCat interface. This improves their productivity and clearly make the life of everyone easier and better.

Google Apps Ready

Share Information Easily

With Google Drive as the central hub of uploading, downloading and creating meaningful interactions, employees of school/college can work in an environment where information gathering and storing can be done instantly.

Communicate Easily

Communication is important for connectivity and understanding each other requirement. It also improve collaboration and create an environment where everyone is benefitted.

Relying on Google technology

Relying on Google technology Using Google apps such as google drive, google office and others will ensure you that all your information is safe and can be accessed from anywhere.

Create new modules that take advantage of Google Apps

OpenEduCat is one of most customizable platforms out there. With the power of Google apps and modular based architecture, educational institutes can build new modules according to their requirements. They can also used google apps features to make the best module for their workflow.

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