Full Web Based

Portability is necessary for any platform to succeed in the current market. OpenEduCat realized it way back and implemented a completely full web based interface. Have a full web based interface enables both the users and educational institute in large to not worry about portability issues.

Full Web Based

Constant User Interface

With a web-based implementation methodology, OpenEduCat platform offers constant and rich UI to the users. The constant UI helps the team to adapt to the platform easily.

More Manageable

Web-based UI means constant user interface across different platforms, which in turn creates an environment for easy management and improvement over time. The educational institute can easily improve on their previous workflow and improve productivity on the large scale.

Platform Independent

With the web-based approach, the platform is is completely platform independent, i.e., it can run on any platform despite its underlying architecture. The platform independent feature helps the educational institute to invest in any platform and not worry about OpenEduCat configuration or settings.

Great Accessibility

Accessibility is very important for a mobile platform. With full web-based implementation, the platform can be accessed from anywhere and on any platform. The basic requirement is a hardware capable of running at least a browser.

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