Forum Management

Communication is the most important part of any organization. Posts and articles enable the educational institutes to communicate with the external audience, but forums are necessary for making the users of the platform more connected and secure. Creating a completely new forum solutions can take a lot of time. With OpenEduCat, the educational institute can easily create and configure forums according to their needs.

Forum Creation Made Easy

Creating forums is easy and take not more than 2 minutes. The person with right privileges can easily create a forum and invite members to join the forums.

Key Information For Creating Forums

Few basic information is required to create a forum successfully. For example, information such as name, description and karma details are necessary to create a successful forum.


The forums are gamified with the help of Karma points. This means that if anyone answers the problem correctly or adds a valuable answer, he/she can grab karma points for answering the question. There are tons of other ways to earn karma points such as answer upvoted by other members, accepting an answer etc.

Group Wide Messaging System

After the forums are created, the group admin can easily send a message to the group. The message can be replied by the members. The messages can also carry attachment and that's a neat way of transferring media files such as PDF across the system.

Internal Note Taking System

The administrator can also log an internal note for future use.

Ease to Create Posts and Share Them(MultiForums)

A forum generally has posts. The members can easily create posts and assign it to a forum, they want to post it in (OpenEduCat supports multiple forums for better community growth).

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