Financial Management

Educational Institutes requires constant funds to run successfully. From student admissions to faculty salary payment, there is hundreds of other important financial transaction that take place within an educational institute.

Financial Management

Financial Management Done Right

Financial Management System of OpenEduCat takes care of all the financial transaction compassing the institute and provides the platform to integrate payment system directly into the platform.

Detailed Accounting

With detailed accounting at hand, institutes can configure and manage different sections such as Customers, Suppliers, Bank and Cash, Journal Entries, Charts, Periodic Processing, Reporting, and configuration.

Administrator For Better Control

The finance administrator can create customer invoices or either imports them to use in the system.

Invoice Creation and Currency Support

Creating invoices is easy and intuitive. The system also supports different currencies for easy local implementation.

Control Recurring Payments

Many services within the educational institutes are recurring or periodic in nature. Some of the most common services include student fees, charities, faculty salary and others. They require being processed after a certain period of time.

Flawless Bank Integration

The OpenEduCat Financial Management System offers Bank integration and the educational institute can easily check their bank statements. Other than that, they can also manage Cash registers.

Made with Customers in Mind

The Customers module also takes care of customer refunds, sales receipts, customer’s payments and a customer dashboard.

Similarly, the suppliers tab has tons of features to go with.

Report Generation

With the help of the Financial Management system, administrators can easily generate legal and generic reports. The system also supports viewing facts and reports in graphical mode composed of charts, pie, bars and more.

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