Facility Management

Any Educational Institute needs to provide the basic facilities to the students, faculty members and other members. To make sure that everything is connected and operated correctly, there is always a need for creating a system that manages all the facility.

Facilities such as hostel, canteen, equipment, transports and others can easily be managed using the OpenEduCat platform. The OpenEduCat platform makes sure that every facility works in synergy and provides an overview of all the facilities. The overview also helps the management to take key decisions in making the system work for the students.

Facility Management

Canteen Facility

The canteen is managed by POS system, which means that everything is organized and is according to the guidelines of the college/school.

Manage Campus Batter

Campus Management can be done easily. The system provides unique ID to each student and allocates them to a particular room.

Manage Equipments

Equipment handling is easy and according to the requirements. Students can ask for the equipment. The management can then decide on the approval and provide the necessary equipment in no time.

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