Expense Management

Expenses are inevitable and if any school/college is working at their full capacity, they need to monitor and process the daily expenses of the school facilities, backend workers and others who are directly under the working contract with the school. OpenEduCat Expense Management module offers all the features and functionalities.

Expense Management

Manage Daily Expense

Manage the daily expense of each employee from the online platform. The workflow is easy to follow and manage. Managers can easily work with the tool and optimize the overall expenses of the organization.

Manager's Tool

With Expense management system, managers are most benefitted. They can track each expense and send confirmation direct from the admin panel.

Integrated With Essential Apps

To make the expense management system work efficiently, other essential apps are integrated. For example, the timesheet app works in tandem with the expense management system and sends alters or invoices to customers when expenses are exceeded.

Multiple User Management

The Expense management system works differently for different users. Managers can use to follow expenses, approve or refuse expenses, submit approved expenses to accounting.

Whereas a user can record expenses, communicate with the manager or check the status of expense.

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