Event Management

Having a big organization or educational institute warrants events to be placed on a regular interval. With so much emphasis on the networking in the current world, hosting events is one of the best ways to gain advantage in the competitive environment. Also, events or seminars can enhance the understanding of the students in an educational institute.

Event Management

The Best Event Management System

Events can be either carried by the school or the college or from any external event sponsors. The main purpose of the event is to connect the audience with something new and create awareness.

Maintain Registered Audience

Registrations can also be maintained under specialized registrations tab. Admin can create or import registrations and the changes are reflected into the events main dashboard.

Supports Basic Fields for better Information Gathering

The creation of event requires many fields to be filled. Location can be set accordingly. Also, the events can be connected to a particular twitter account.

Customize Attendees

Another important field is setting minimum reserved seats and maximum available seats. They can also invite anyone to the event during the creation of the event. Once published, the event is shown on the website.

Administrator Role Supported

The administrator can also set a responsible user for the event. Different type of events is supported by the event management system. For example, Seminar, exhibit, conference, training etc., are supported. Schools or colleges can further add new types of events to the list.

Easy Access

The event control tab is present within the marketing tab. Admin can choose to create events with the help of create button.

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