Enrollment Management

Educational Institutes are all about students and how they enroll within the organization to become a part of it. With the OpenEduCat Enrollment, institutes can easily manage the enrollment process of the students. Students make the core of any institute and making the enrollment process completely transparent, institutes can directly engage with students throughout the enrollment process.

Enrollment Management

Customize Admission Forms

With the help of the enrollment process, the institute can easily customize admission form according to the class to which the admission is taking place. Each of the admission forms, generates an application ID, which can be used to track each applicant.

Tons of Information Can be Added

Other information such as class name, course start date, fee status, the applicant's photo and other forms of information can be easily listed within the applicant enrollment process.

Earlier Access to System

Students who are currently in the process can also login within the system to check their enrollment status. With the portal, students can easily carry out small tasks such as uploading image, changing address and other information.

Supports Data Import

Currently, the Admission form is filled in and submitted to the college premises. To reflect the changes and update the database, back office admin or back office worker can easily update all the records of the said account in a matter of minutes.

Supports for Additional Fields

TechReceptives also have control of how the module works and can easily add or delete additional fields within the form.

Unique ID generation

The enrollment process also generates unique ID so that no two students with same name produce confusion.

Forms offers Basic field Type

The basic fields are Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name. Other than that there are three tabs that are related to the admission of any student. The three major tabs are admission detail, Education Details, and Personal Detail.

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