Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an age-old technique used by businesses to reach their audience and increase brand awareness and often transform a lead to a customer. To gain success in the highly competitive market, educational institutes have to create powerful email marketing campaigns to gain the attention of companies and budding talent.

To bring everything in perspective, OpenEduCat offers great mailing features that can skyrocket the email marketing campaigns.

Mass Mail all your targeted audience

With OpenEduCat mailing features, the marketing team can design, send and track emails easily. The process is simple and can convert leads to customers in no time.

Professional Emails is just one click away

The need for professionalism is needed and that's why marketing team can create professional looking emails front templates and send them to gain the attention of the audience.

Manage Campaigns

Manage Campaigns can be a tough job, but with OpenEduCat campaign feature, schools can create a campaign, set conversion rate and follow it up with different strategies.

The platform offers statistics on campaigns and delivers reports needed to improve it further.

Sending Emails with just one click

Creating campaigns is one part, but sending emails to everyone can be a real pain. To counter it, emails can be sent in just one click.

Email Marketing if done right can bring lot of success to the business and to make it happen ,OpenEduCat offers all the necessary features.

Integrated with OpenEduCat Apps

To work seamlessly, the email marketing feature is integrated with other OpenEduCat modules/apps. With integrated apps, information can easily be transferred with high accuracy and any improvements can be stored into the database for future access.

Great User Interface

User Interface is an important metric for higher productivity. The user interface of the mailing system is simple and intuitive, and you will be able to work seamlessly without any difficulty. Productivity is maintained throughout the project.

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