Email Integration is one of the key features of OpenEduCat. OpenEduCat platform is known for its diversity and feature-rich user interface. It also offers great communication through blogs, communities and other forms of communication options.

OpenEduCat also comes with email integration, which makes the communication better and more professional. The e-mail has always been the best channel for communication and that's why OpenEduCat offers seamless email integration with all its major modules.


Secure System

Security is one of the most common problems in the current industry. With the use of encrypted pathways, no information is ever leaked from the system. Use email with confidence and stability.

Work with confidence

OpenEduCat email integration works out of the box and the school/college do not have to worry about any faults or bugs. With specialized backup systems, no information or mails are ever lost.

Integration with Google Apps

Working with email means handling documents on regular purpose. To make sure that document handling is done properly, OpenEduCat offers the right set of features for document handling. The platform comes integrated with Google Drive apps.

3rd Party Email Integration

With email integration, organizations can easily integrate OpenEduCat platform with 3rd party email providers. Specialized email services if successfully integrated can improve the way the educational organization work and perform.

Highly Configurable

Email servers can be configured to the requirements, which in turn creates the desired working environment. Spam filtering is also supported and configured according to the behavior of email patterns.

Supports Email Protocols

To work efficiently, the platform supports all the major email protocols such as SMTP, POP, IMAP and others.

Email-Integration Feature

Email-Integration is an important part of any platform and OpenEduCat clearly improves on it. Highly configurable, secure and support document handling out of the core.

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