Selling stuff online is not new. But, what scenarios can lead for school or college to start their eCommerce website? There are many opportunities for an educational institute to sell stuff needed by students. It can be class books, dress or a different type of merchandise related with the school/college.

Many educational institutes have different requirements and the only way students can find the equipment is through the school/college online portal. OpenEduCat offers the right features for implementing the e Commerce platform for the educational institutes.

Create e-Commerce website easily

With OpenEducat, school/college can easily create an eCommerce website. The platform includes eCommerce module and it instantly sets up the eCommerce website for the educational institutes. They only have to set up some basic settings before it can go live.

Create Appealing Product Pages

The most important part of any eCommerce website is the product pages. It holds all the ingredients to successfully sell the products. With editing available, the admin can easily create an appealing product page.

Easily Integrated With other processes

The school/college can easily integrate the eCommerce website with accounting, sales and other modules easily.

Easy Catalog Creation

Manage how catalog behaves and looks like. With full control of the Catalog, you can create a powerful impression on the audience and attract customers.

SEO Supported

With the complete support of SEO, you can easily manage the different aspects of the search engine optimization such as keyword integration. Take full control of how SEO performs and rank higher on google to grab new customers easily.

Google Analytics Integration

With google analytics integrations, educational institutes can easily track their audience, pageviews, organic reach and much more. The analytics can be used to further improve the systems.

E-Commerce is the future of the online world and it is not always a bad idea to utilize the hidden opportunity with OpenEduCat.

E-Commerce Feature

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