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Discussion Management

Discussion Management

OpenEduCat is a collaborative platform for the educational institute. With this platform, educational institutes can easily manage every process on their premises and also channels that never existed before.

Supports Multiple Discussions Groups

OpenEduCat supports multiple discussion groups and can be used by any members, who follows it. The facility is available from the messaging main tab and can be accessed by anyone. Once, the user decided to follow the group, the feeds are shown within his messaging centre.

Administrative Control

The administrator can create a group, for example, discussion group and invite new members to the group in no time. The main motive of creating discussion group is to have a single central sub-platform for discussing important topics related to the group.

Core Integration With Each Account

One of the most important groups is the Discussion groups available within the list of already present groups. The group is public in nature and enables anyone, who uses the system to comment and share their opinions with others.

Discussion Groups Targeted at Different Sections

Education Institute can create groups related to different sections of the institute. For example, the institute can create groups such as support, HR policies, seminars and others. With a separate interest of groups, everyone can focus on one topic and improve it in the long run.

Enhanced Communication

Discussion Groups offers the communication channel between different members of the group. Group creation is easy and intuitive within the platform.

The clean way of subscribing and creating meaning to the community is the main purpose of OpenEduCat system.

The users can send a message to the group by simply typing in the space provided. If anyone wants to share attachments, they can go forward and add an attachment to the message itself, improving the overall quality and meaning of the message transmitted through the group.

The discussion group conquers different boundaries and enables the OpenEduCat users to communicate seamlessly.

Discussion Management Feature