Data Import Export

Schools/Colleges are a hub of data and information. With each day, they collect tons of data, which can utilized for their betterment and improvement in the near future. The data can be crunched using the tools into meaningful information and hence provides a pathway to the future.

But, there are many instances that require data import or export.

OpenEduCat platform understands the requirement of modern schools/colleges and offers the right set of tools and techniques to harness the power of data and the hidden information.

With clear understanding of the need for the educational institutes, OpenEduCat offers great Data Import or export facility.

Data Import Export

Data Migration Becomes Easy

Data Migration is one of the most basic functions encountered during platform maintenance. Settings and other vital information can easily be saved and exported to other systems or database. When the maintenance is completed, the data can be restored easily through the import functionality.

Export Data Seamlessly

There are many instances when the educational institute needs to export data. It can be done during system upgrades or exporting data to feed into the analytic software.

Import/Export With Data Integrity

Each major functionality within the OpenEduCat platform comes with data integrity. Data Integrity makes sure that no data is lost or damaged during the import or export process.

BackUp easily

Data can easily be backup with the export functionality. Each module has its own export/import functionality.

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