Dashboard Management

In today's era, information is everything, but structured information that is easy to grasp is always better. In any system, dashboards are crucial as they provide centralized control over different aspects of the system. Dashboards act as the base for information gathering and showing the relevant information to the user.

Dashboard Management

Amazing Dashboard

OpenEduCat understands the importance of Dashboard and how it improves the overall experience of the user and that's why OpenEduCat has dashboards for different entities within the system.

Everything You will ever need

The Student, Faculty, Library and reporting offers dashboard on their own. Each of the dashboard has information are relevant to the entity for which the information is gathered.

Offer Granular Control and Layout Control

The mini areas are actionable options such as changing dates in case of Period of today. Furthermore, the dashboard supports five different dashboards layouts. All these layouts improve the way the users interact with the system.

Improved Faculty Dashboard

Faculty dashboard consists of Period for Today and Assignment Approved sections. On the other hand, the library dashboard consists of two sections, the due book of today and the due book of the month.

Well Structured for Daily Tasks

All the sections help the workings of any users and create a well-structured approach to handling the daily tasks.

Offers Librarian Functions

The library dashboard offers control to the librarian and providing a quick glance on everything.

Dashboard Management OpenEduCat

The Dashboard is an integral part of any system and OpenEduCat has provided all the necessary features for the best working conditions for different entities associated with the educational organization.

OpenEduCat also offers optimization in the dashboard section. If the educational organization needs any customization, the team at OpenEduCat creates a plan and executes them to incorporate those changes within the system.

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