Not all educational institutes are not same. All of them have different requirements, needs and understanding of how the a school runs successfully. Keeping the versatility in mind, Tech Receptives and OpenEduCat team has given special consideration to the customizability factor of OpenEduCat platform.


Built-in Customization

Customizability is always an important part of any solutions available online and OpenEduCat is no different. It provides all the necessary tools and techniques to make it as customizable it can get.

Modular Design

To achieve maximum customizability, the modules acts as plugin to the system. With plugins an important part of the ecosystem, the admin can easily add or remove selected functionality from the platform.

Customization Power To Each Module

The OpenEduCat backend terminal consists of configurable tabs for every major functionality such as Standard Management, Classroom Management, Activity Management, Transport Management and much more.

Modules Are Further Customizable

Furthermore, each module is completely customizable. For example, the survey module can be customized according to the survey needs. It can include questions with multiple choice, have written answers and other forms.

New Plugins Every Season

OpenEduCat team works 24/7 every day to make sure that they release free plugins for the system. OpenEduCat team makes sure that you can implement new features within the existing platform by adding modularity to all the new plugins and existing ones. The modular design of the OpenEduCat offers great scalability and accessibility on the part of both the user and the developer.

Report Generation Made Easy

The administrator can take the data and transform it into meaningful reports for the management to use as a decision-making tool.

Customizable Feature

Furthermore, the admin can configure apps, accounting, website, users from the settings tab present within the backend of the OpenEduCat solution. Each and every part of the solution is customizable.

With so much power in the hands, any educational institute can bring extreme control over different facets of the processes that runs within the institute.

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