CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the key to success for many businesses out there. It is also true for educational institutes, where the customers relate to students, parents, faculty and anyone whom the school serves their services to.

OpenEduCat is the one the leading educational solution for the schools/colleges. It includes almost every possible feature for optimal performance of the school.


Manage Students Better

Students are the core of any educational institute. With CRM capabilities, students problems can be logged and responded in a structured way. Students can also interact with different features and create powerful communities within the organization.

Transparency and Collaboration Done Right

The biggest advantage of using the CRM features is the fact that everyone can collaborate on a higher level. Communities can be created with an intent to share knowledge and problems. It also improves the transparency.

Manage Parents

Parents are also one of the most important part of the school ecosystem. Current generation parents take a keen interest on the how students perform and need a platform to talk with teachers regularly. The OpenEduCat platform offers the correct path for collaboration.

Recruitment made Easy

Recruitments are also important for any college. Without recruitment, students will not find their respective job and it is necessary for the college to work hard to find jobs for their students. With the OpenEduCat platform, different companies can register with the platform and offers jobs to the deserving students.

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