Course Management

Schools are the collective sum of the students, faculties and the courses they teach the students. The whole ecosystem offers great opportunities for the students to learn, but courses hold the major chunk of the learning. With great courses, students learn better and retain information for more.

There are tons of subjects to really refine information and learning for a particular group, courses creation is an important part. Custom learning content always helps and that's where the role of OpenEduCat comes.

Course Management

Select Fees Payment Term For the Course

Payments are necessary to run the courses successfully without becoming burden on the institutes. There are many payment terms available for the school to apply them to the course. Schools can also create their own payment terms for the courses, which can be tailored according to the targeted audience.

Add Courses With Ease

Traditional schools/colleges offer traditional subjects and courses. With the help of OpenEduCat, educational institutes can easily create courses and add them to the system.

Course Creation Through Form Submission

Course creation is easy and intuitive. The admin only needs to fill up few fields and submit it to go live. The course once created can be used by faculty and students for enrollment purposes.

Select Evaluation Type For the Course

Evaluation Type can be chosen according to the course itself. Currently, there are 4 evaluation types supported -- GPA, CWA, CEE and Normal. Different institutes can choose different evaluation type according to the course or the students.

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