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ClassRoom Management

ClassRoom Management

OpenEduCat comes with a complete Class management system for the educational institutes. The classroom management system comes with all the features that are required to successfully integrate class into the OpenEduCat environment.

Class Management Done Right

Classes are important and with the class management system, faculty can easily add students, manage timetable and process other activities related to class. With Class management system, the admin can easily add new classes to the database.

Asset Management

The classes can also be associated with assets that are required for running the class successfully. Asset Management includes adding items. The items can be machines, laptops, iPad, other forms of engineering equipment, etc.

Add Vital Information

Creating a class using the class management system requires adding vital information such as Name, Code, Course, standard and the number of persons that will be enrolled in the class.

Full Control to Admin

The admin can also add new items to the list and make them available to the faculty and students undergoing through the class. The admin can also assign codes and quantity to each of the items.

Class associated with Faculty

Each class is allocated to faculty. There are some instances when it is necessary to add more than one faculty to the class. The class management system has the option to add more than one faculty. This enables to structure the class, according to the abilities and course structure.

When the class is created, it becomes available to the faculty member assigned. The faculty member can proceed to add students to the course. The limit of the students is dependent on the number of persons allocated during the class creation. If needed, Faculty members can ask the admin to increase the student limit.

The whole class management system works in synergy with other modules and members of the educational institutes.

ClassRoom Management Feature