Canteen Management

Canteen is an important part of any school/college. With proper canteen, students can feel stressed and have to look for other alternative including leaving the school premises for taking eating during recess time.

Canteen is also important for delegates, workers, faculty and other people who visit the campus on the daily purpose. To make the Canteen experience great both for the buyers and the seller, the OpenEduCat team has integrated Point of Sale software within the platform.

Canteen Management

Organized and Secure

This will ensure that everything is organized and calculated with no chances of misplaced deals in the process. All the foods and items can be tracked by the canteen owners and the management can even see and decide which items to be allowed on the campus, taking both health and eating habits of the campus people.

Friendly POS

The Point of Sale module is user-friendly and provides a new way to manage the canteen. Anyone can be trained to use the system efficiently and it doesn't take much time and effort to train anyone.


Less Hardware Dependent

Highly portable and less hardware dependent -- With a minimal requirement, the system can be implemented without any problems. Works from the web browser as well

Works Both Online and Offline

The system works great for both online and offline approach. The database is updated once it is connected to the internet.

Great User Interface

The user interface of the POS system is clean and can be used for productivity. Work with great confidence and less cluttered.

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