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Blog Management

Blog Management

The most basic way of sending information to the users is to through a blog. In the current generation, blogs are created by bloggers, educators, professional bloggers, marketers to capture the online market or audience.

Create Blogs That Matter

With OpenEduCat, educational institutes can easily create a blog and transform their online presence. Creating a strong online presence can create value for both the educational institute present as well as the future.

Easy Blog Creation Process

Creating a blog in OpenEduCat is easy and intuitive. Anyone with the right privileges can create a blog by just entering the blog name and description. With the help of blog post creation options, a blog post can be created with ease.

Blog Posts and Tags

The blog post can be associated with the blog. To make further refinement, the blog module supports tags, which can be added to any blog post.

Filtered Content Through Tags

The addition of tags helps the blog to emphasize more on filtered content and help improve user experience.

News Portal Creation

The educational institute can easily create a news portal. The news portal can act the best way to send out news about different activities that are happening within the premises. The news can make the parents and the teachers to know about the broad activity and can also be used to address the media.

Address Readers With High Quality Content

With so much emphasis on high-quality content online, the educational institute can always use the blog to create a knowledge base for the students or anyone who loves their courses.

The main motive of a blog creation for any educational institute is to bring the college/school image online. With so much emphasis on the online world, blogs have now become more common in the business.

The knowledge base can easily attract tons of new students, curious people and most importantly, help the on-premises students. There are many ways, a blog can be utilized by the educational institute.

Blog Management Feature